Another Impact Wrestling Star Hospitalized During Orlando TV Tapings


As we noted over the weekend, former Impact Wrestling World Champion Eddie Edwards was rushed to the hospital during the Orlando TV tapings after a spot involving a baseball bat and a steel chair went awry. Edwards was subsequently released from the hospital after being treated for a broken nose and broken facial bones.

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Eddie Edwards was not the only Impact Wrestling star hospitalized following this week’s TV tapings, as former Knockouts Champion Sienna noted on Twitter she was taken to the hospital after she suspected she might have a rib injury. As seen in the Tweet below, it turns out she had suffered two blood clots in her lungs.

I went to the hospital during tapings suspecting a displaced rib or collapsed lung. Turns out I have a blood clot in each lung. I won’t be wrestling right now, but I’m still making appearances, raising money for the Undie Run… & judging everyone in this hospital.

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