IMPACT Wrestling Stars Answer Thanksgiving Questions Ahead of “Throwback Throwdown”


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Brian Cage, Madman Fulton, Cody Deaner, Josh Alexander, Rosemary, Jordynne Grace & More Share What They’re Thankful For, Reveal Which Wrestlers They’d Invite For Dinner, and Weigh in on The Pecan vs. Pumpkin Pie Debate

LOS ANGELES – November 26, 2019 – With Turkey Day right around the corner, IMPACT Wrestling’s stars sat down to gobble up a series of Thanksgiving-themed questions. In this spirited Q&A session, superstars Brian CageMadman FultonCody DeanerJosh Alexander, and many more reflect on what they’re grateful for, reveal which pro wrestling trailblazers they’d like to have over for dinner, and answer the age-old question that has divided families since the pilgrims first landed on Plymouth Rock: Pecan Pie or Pumpkin Pie?

What Are You Most Grateful For This Year?

Cody Deaner gets things started by giving thanks for the wild n’ crazy Deaner Clan, “All 247 of us that we fit around the table at Thanksgiving dinner!” and newlywed Brian Cage is grateful for “My family, my wedding, my wife, and my first world title.” Rascalz star Wentz is grateful “That IMPACT lets us be us,” while Rohit Raju is relieved to not have to deal with irate Black Friday shoppers after years of working in retail. In trademark The North fashion, Josh Alexander reminds us all of what’s really important this season, expressing gratitude for “Being able to show the world something it’s been missing for far too long: True, proper tag-team wrestling.”

What Do You Most Look Forward To On Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving is a time packed with tradition, and IMPACT’s stars are excited to experience their favorite Turkey Day rituals once again. oVe’sMadman Fulton enjoys spending the day with his loved ones, saying, “It’s one of the few times a year I get to sit down and talk with the extended members of our family.” Madison Rayne can’t wait to spend the day “eating a gluttonous amount of pumpkin pie, knowing that holiday calories don’t count,” while Wentz loves checking out the annual parade with his family. And Rosemary unwinds watching “The ever-popular game of ‘how many mortals will storm out of the family gathering in tears or rage this year?’”

What Is Your Favorite Thanksgiving Side?

Of course, no Thanksgiving discussion would be complete without mentioning the true stars of any feast: the sides. Stuffing emerged as the champion of the IMPACT world, with Willie MackMadman FultonEddie Edwards and more heaping helpings of praise on the dish, and Fallah Bahh exclaiming, “I can live off of stuffing and mac and cheese!” ‘The Machine’ Brian Cage is powered by sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce, and Raj Singh states that gravy “is most excellent!” Cody Deaner’s favorite side, on the other hand, comes in packs of six. “My favorite Thanksgiving side is Labatt 50,” he says. “If that’s not available, a Pabst Blue Ribbon will do.”

Which Wrestlers, Living Or Dead, Would You Invite to Your Thanksgiving Dinner?

Squared-circle superstars Sting, Tommy Dreamer, and Scott Steiner earned the title of most-mentioned dream guests, but they weren’t the only icons IMPACT wrestlers would share a meal with. Cody Deaner picked Jake The Snake Roberts; Brian Cage said the Macho Man, himself, Randy Savage; Raj Singh went with American Hero Kurt Angle; Jordynne Grace chose to dine-in with RVD and Eddie Guerrero; and Josh Alexander selected fellow Canadian patriots Bret & Owen Hart and Lance Storm. Rohit Raju took a hard pass on the invitations, however, wisely noting, “I wouldn’t invite any… they would cause chaos and eat all my food!”

Pecan Pie Or Pumpkin Pie?

Pumpkin pie was the resounding favorite of IMPACT stars, beating out pecan pie 10 votes to two, with Rosemary saying she would enjoy both at Thanksgiving dinner, and Rohit Raju choosing Oreo pie over either. Unsurprisingly, tag-team rivals Josh Alexander and Cody Deaner again found themselves on opposite sides, as Alexander insisted that “Pecan pie is superior in every way” and Deaner declared, “Anyone who says pecan deserves a punch in the throat! What the heck is a pecan, and why is it in my pie?”

“Throwback Throwdown” – Tuesday, Nov. 26

This Thanksgiving week, don’t miss what could be the start of a new holiday tradition as IMPACT! presents the first-ever “Throwback Throwdown,” a special 80’s inspired episode that pays homage to the Golden Age of professional wrestling premiering Tuesday, Nov. 26 at 8pE/5pP on AXS TV.

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