How Impact Wrestling Will Handle Eddie Edwards’ Graphic Baseball Bat Injury On Next Week’s Show


As we noted back in January, Eddie Edwards was rushed to the hospital after taping a match against Sami Callihan which is scheduled to air on Impact Wrestling next week.

Callihan was setting up a spot with a steel chair and a baseball bat, and the bat appeared to ricochet off the chair into Eddie’s face. Following the accident, Edwards’ hands were reportedly full of blood and he ran backstage immediately after it happened and was later taken to the hospital. Edwards later noted on social media that he suffered a broken nose along with some broken bones in his face following the in-ring accident.

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According to, Impact Wrestling will be airing the Edwards vs Callihan match in its entirety next week, and the baseball bat accident will be included in the final match cut. Impact is reportedly ‘not shying away’ from showing the graphic incident, and will also air the incident’s aftermath. The PWInsider report adds production of the match is being described as “incredible”.