#IMPACT365 Dixie Carter Talks Current State and Changes coming to IMPACT WRESTLING (Video)

Dixie Carter discusses the changes coming to IMPACT WRESTLING as well as what happened on this past week’s edition of IMPACT WRESTLING.

  • fateunknown

    You wanna turn your company around, here are a few suggestions:
    1: Quit trying to go head-to-head with WWE, They are number 1 and will always be (until they run it into the ground. which seems to have already started)
    2: Go back to being different. You had the X division, the 6 sided ring and tons of talent, somehow you have managed to squander all that away.
    3: Better talent. You have to stop relying on the old timers to bring it! you have to groom new talent to take that spot and your current attendance records show you have no one people will pay to see.

    When TNA first came out (my first taste of it was borrowing tapes of the NWA:TNA weekly shows) I was impressed to the point of being on your street team and hanging up posters everywhere, you were the alternative to WWE when people had just gotten over the loss of WCW and ECW. You could have had a great niche wrestling product and you gave it all up to end up looking like WWE light or as I refer to you guys, WCW 2.0