Independent Wrestler David Starr Accused Of Sexual Assault By Multiple Women


Several wrestling promotions have now cut ties with independent wrestler David Starr, after multiple women came forward on social media accusing him of sexual assault and emotional manipulation.

The conversation began on Twitter when a woman named Tori released screenshots of a DM between herself and Starr.

“Emotionally, Sexually. Mentally. You rape women and you gaslight them after,” she wrote. “I know you know you do it because you told people you were scared I would speak up.”

Tori also shed light on another woman named Bella, who claimed that Starr had sex with her while she was “blackout drunk”, to the point that she didn’t even know it had happened, and then later criticized her for being “embarrassing” and “sloppy”.

In response to these allegations, UK promotions Revolution Pro, OTT Wrestling and TNT Extreme Wrestling have all cut ties with Starr and stripped him of their various championships.

Starr has since deleted his social media accounts.