Indy Star Talks About John Cena, His Heel Persona, Advice To Newcomers & More


NWA Mountain Empire Champion and Traditional Championship Wrestling star, “The Wrestling Extraordinaire” Sigmon, recently took some time to take part in a Q&A exclusively with Sigmon is best known for his time in TCW and several promotions within the NWA. He spoke on a number of topics from starting with TCW, his heel persona, being a certified personal trainer, advice to newcomers entering wrestling world and more. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Where did your heel persona come from and how do you come up with ideas?

My wrestling persona continues to develop every single day. I am constantly adding or removing, and it is a lot of trial and error. The Winner/Loser thing is great, because it is simple and can connect with anybody. Matt Riviera gets a lot of credit for the direction of what I do.

What advice would you like to give any newcomers to the wrestling world?

Be ready for a long, hard battle. It is a cut throat business that has just as many down sides as up sides. Be sure to have a backup plan and there is no guarantee of success. Study the history of the business, and prepare your body!

Sigmon also calls WWE Superstar John Cena the “best today.” You can read Sigmon’s interview in its entirety at this link.



  1. So another indy nobody sucking cena’s c***…..whats new! Plus if you think cena is the “best today” you should just quit now cause your an idiot.

  2. the fac that cenas wrestled thousands of matches and been in the main event for 10 years and still only got one match of the year and it was thanks to punk. hes only looks good to pro cause hes been doijng it forever besides his god awful offense he does have this s*** mastered, but no way has cena earned all the success hes had i mean wwe is trying to put him over and being better then austin,hbk,taker,bret,jericho,even the great and powerful hhh,flair,race,savage etc etc and he is not.

    you are not the best no matter how much wwe tries to make you look like u are. but the best does not spend most of there career getting bood out of every arena even though your baby face, no one really gets that kind of disrespect but cena..hes not contreversal as wwe puts it hes f***ing hated by anyone over 6.

    the reaction that daniel bryan gets now the reaction that punk get these r what the best gets from the fans,helleven when punk was heel attacking undertaker with the ashes of his dead father or whatever abd the whole arena was chanting his name,listen to the people cena not the little kids and u will see whose the best.


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