Indy Wrestlers Start Speculation on Ricardo, HBK’s TV Show, Zeb Colter

– Zeb Colter tweeted to hype tonight’s WWE SmackDown tapings:

“In #WWETopeka tonight…for #smackdown…might drop another BOMBSHELL on #wethepeople. If you’re afraid to say it, I’ll say it for you.”

– A new season premiere of Shawn Michaels’ MacMillan River Adventures will air tonight on The Outdoor Channel at 11:30pm EST.

– There is no official word yet on what Ricardo Rodriguez was suspended for but there’s online rumors that he had been taking fat burners. Independent wrestler Leva Bates, who is a good friend of Ricardo’s, made a post this morning about him being suspended for using fat burners. Her post was quickly deleted. Another indy wrestler, JD Maverick, made a reference to fat burners in a Facebook post he made:

“So weird that some WWE Superstars get arrested for DUI’s, pot, and other illegal activity AND don’t get suspended…yet fat burners from GNC get you 30 days? GTFO.”

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  • allan mccann

    fat burners.. wtf dont they all use those. lol he just trying to lose weight so he can get a run, hes actually a great wrestler and can do some amazing stuff. i could see a ic title run,but hes needs to be his mask gimmic. so sincara that speaking english comes in handy

  • Matthew DeAngelo

    This is why if I was a wrestler Id never go to WWE, you cant even take an Advil