Initial Reaction to Batista’s Return, Bellas Attend Super Bowl Party, More

– The Bella Twins were representing WWE at the Maxim Magazine Super Bowl party in New York City last night. Here are a few photos:

Bellas Maxim 1

Bellas Maxim 2

Bellas Maxim 3

– There is an early push within WWE to book more shows on the West Coast during December, January and February next year since the weather has been so bad on the East Coast this year.

– WWE officials were initially disappointed with the reaction that Batista got for his return but when the ratings came in and they were high, officials decided that it wasn’t Batista’s fault. They blamed it on the fans in Dayton, Ohio. The feeling now is that Dayton won’t be getting a pay-per-view anytime soon.

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  • Dahak

    Really? They’re punishing fans for not liking someone? So i’m guessing WWE isn’t going back to Pittsburgh since they were vocal as hell during the rumble.

  • themans

    So what… their only going to run hick towns where the bucktooth residents just cheer whoever they tell them? The WWE is pathetic

  • TamosC

    Lol blame it on the fans.. classic. By the smoothness of Batista’s face..

  • Ernie Marin

    And people still think WWE cares for their fans, lol.

  • Jeff Rittenour

    To be honest those fans were assholes. A good show is one thing – but they all paid to money to matches they knew about and they were disrespectful from the get go of the main event. Its tricky with that ppv thought cuz it was junk – but it’s almost like buying a ticket to a concert by a band you hate and shouting about how much they suck all the way through…KINDA makes YOU an asshole.

  • Nat James

    Blame the town.

    “You didn’t cheer our guy so now you won’t be getting any pay per views.”

    Am I the only one that thinks that is hilarious? lol

  • Ralph Ramos

    Obviously, not too many people are happy with the way the WWE is running things. Everybody was totally pissed off because Daniel Bryan didn’t participate in the Royal Rumble match itself, but failed to realize that he was coming off a concussion just 2 weeks prior. I did b**** about them using him in 2 matches on that Raw. The WWE is into double dipping, not always considering the health of their talent. Holding him out of the Rumble was the right thing to do.
    As for the ratings, sure they were high because Batista was a big star not too long ago and is making a comeback. But once the novelty of it runs out, the ratings will be back to normal. And if by chance the WWE decided to hold a grudge and not come back to my town, which by the way, has to put up with a somewhat watered down show because the WWE is also holding another show on the same date and time as the show in my home town (Remember what I said about the WWE double dipping), that would be ok by me. I would be happy to save my money and put it to better use in the future.

  • Tony Jackson

    I cant get over the fact that Batista is headlining WM. He is a great athlete but WTF has he done to get this.