Injury Update on Davey Richards, Goldberg Comments on His WWE DVD

– Bill Goldberg said in interviews earlier this year that his recent WWE DVD was something that the company was putting out without his involvement. It was reported elsewhere that Goldberg didn’t want to be involved with the project. A fan on Twitter commented about how there was no Goldberg interview or new footage on the DVD. Goldberg replied:

“Not my call man”

– We noted earlier that Davey Richards, who is still at WWE NXT, has backed out of his upcoming Pro Wrestling NOAH appearance in Japan due to what he says is a neck injury. He tweeted an update to a fan on Monday:

“No sorry I was supposed to leave today but I’m at the doc, been advised to stay away from physical activity for at least a week.”

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  • Ozzy TYSON

    I bought the blu-ray, and it’s AWESOME. Lookin’ forward to seein’ GOLDBERG in the ring one last time… versus THE UNDERTAKER!!!