Interview With Kenn Doane (ex-Kenny Dykstra) – Opinion on Wrestling Business, Current Work & More


Interview with Kenn Doane (ex-Kenny Dykstra) — about his opinion on wrestling business, current work, claims about John Cena having affair with Mickie James.

Former WWE Superstar, known as Kenny from the Spirit Squad or Kenny Dykstra, Kenn Doane spoke with Robert „Krupy“ Krup?r from about various topics.

The Krupy : You defeated „The Nature Boy“ Ric Flair three straight times in 2007, and it seemed like you will get a push. At that time, you were one of the fastest rising talents in professional wrestling. But in 2008, you were released from your contract. Can you please tell us what happened?

Kenn Doane : I was supposed to go into a more in depth feud with Flair but at that PPV HHH tore his leg again. They then moved Flair with HBK to fight against Rated RKO. With that being done I was left with nothing.

The Krupy : What?s your opinion on the entire „Spirit Squad“ gimmick after all these years?

Kenn Doane : It never mattered to me what I was doing, people will joke “you’re a cheerleader” but at the end of the day it made me very wealthy.

The Krupy : You said that John Cena had an affair with your then-girlfriend Mickie James few years ago, and you also talked about his affairs with another Divas. Can you please share your thoughts on this situation with our readers ? And, did you speak to Cena or Mickie since your comments?

Kenn Doane : I said what I said before and that was the truth, unfortunately some people don’t like to hear the truth. But it is what it is. I haven’t heard or spoken to either of them. I am easy to get ahold of if they ever wanted too though.

Kenn discussed a lot more topics with Krupy. If you would like to know his opinion about wrestling business, his former teammate Dolph Ziggler or if he would ever return to WWE or debut in TNA, here is the full link to the interview on Art of Wrestling CZ (

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