IWTV Family Reunion Results (4/4): Indie Promotions From Around The World Kick Off ‘Mania Weekend


IndependentWrestling.TV Family Reunion Results
Jersey City, NJ
April 4, 2019

This is a very unique and interesting show to kick off WrestleMania Weekend. IWTV has essentially invited promotions from all around the world, many that you may have not heard of or seen very much of in the past, to send their best wrestlers to be featured on this card.

(1) ORANGE CASSIDY (c) def. JONATHAN GRESHAM TO RETAIN THE INDEPENDENT WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP. This was fought under some confusing “European rules” that needed a very long explanation. What I gathered is it’s a multi-round type of thing, and the referee can hand out “cards” like in soccer for rules violations. Cassidy came out with an awesome flute player covering his theme song. He kept his hands in his pockets for almost the entire first fall, which Gresham didn’t know how to deal with. Out of nowhere Cassidy hit an arm drag into a beautiful chain of submission attempts, eventually rolling up Gresham into a crucifix pin to steal the first fall. The second fall ended in a time limit draw. The third round was the most competitive. Cassidy reversed a Russian leg sweep into another crucifix pin to win the third round, the match, and retain his title.

Cassidy was interviewed on his big victory and said he still didn’t understand the rules of the match he just wrestled. Maxwell Jacob Friedman came out with the Limitless Wrestling Championship and mocked him for not caring about anything, and rambled on until Cassidy nodded off in the middle of his promo. MJF challenged him to a Title vs. Title match and attacked from behind, leaving Cassidy laying.

(2) SPACE MONKEY, ShANE SABRE & BMD def. KOBE DURST, JUSTIN SANE & KODY LANE. These guys were all representing the Alpha-1 Wrestling promotion out of Hamilton, Ontario.

(3) RED EAGLE def. MIKE VERNA, ARIK CANNON, “ALL EGO” ETHAN PAGE, MIKEY and OPHIDIAN IN A 6-MAN INTERPROMOTIONAL SCRAMBLE. Pretty much everyone got a chance to show off. Verna dominated Eagle and Ophidian early as one of the bigger guys in the match. The crowd really liked Mikey, who managed to body slam everyone before getting slammed by the referee (I didn’t catch why…). They did a crazy sequence with 4 or 5 of them where Ophidian came off the top rope and triggered a Mouse Trap series of DDTs taking down everyone simultaniously. After a great exchange between Ophidian and Red Eagle, Eagle won it with an O’Conner Roll into a bridge.

(4) JACK BONZA, MICK MORETTI & BEL PIERCE def. STEPH DELANDER, CAVEMAN UGG & UNSOCIAL JORDAN. Another chaotic match — in a good way! I was confused at first as the participants didn’t match the originally advertised card, but got it worked out. Robbie Eagles was originally advertised and replaced by DeLander, and they had to switch around the tag teams because she’s partnered with Jordan. The Australians all had a good showing here.

(5) KYLIE RAE & ISAIAS VELASQUEZ def. SHOTZI BLACKHEART & ROBERT ANTHONY (w/ Frank the Clown). Hello, Freelance Wrestling! At first the women wrestled the women, and the men wrestled the men, but that quickly broke down when Shotzi made a blind tag and hit Velasquez with the 619 and a split-leg leg drop that landed a bit too close to the family jewels. Some great back-and-forth action. Kylie had to fight her way back and hit Anthony with a running powerbomb, but Frank the Clown got in the ring to save his team. Shotzi took out Velasquez on the apron with a Sliced Bread that almost ended very badly when her foot got caught on the top rope. Frank accidentally blasted Anthony with his shoe, and Kylie superkicked him, applied the STF on Anthony and picked up the win.

(6) AC MACK (c) def. FRED YEHI TO RETAIN THE ACTION WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP. Yehi dominated the first few minutes of the match with explosive offense. Mack kept going for his finisher, a cross-arm Pedigree kind of thing, but Yehi kept sliding out of it. Eventually the challenger lost it and started to get very aggressive with his offense, and actually almost used the title belt. The referee took it away and Mack hit a low blow and the cross-arm Pedigree thing to get the win. Solid match.

(7) KRIS STATLANDER & SOLO DARLING def. JESSICA TROY & SHAZZA MCKENZIE. Kimber Lee was on commentary after turning on Statlander at Wednesday’s Beyond Wrestling show, and refusing to be her partner.

(8) CABANA MAN DAN, O’SHAY EDWARDS & Mr. BRICKSTER def. BRETT ISON, KEVIN KU & DOMINICK GARRINI. Dan hit a great-looking Sliced Bread off the top rope to win.

(9) GARY JAY def. JAKE PARNELL IN A LAST MAN STANDING MATCH. So many great spots here. They’ve fought around the indies pretty much everywhere, so their chemistry was apparent. Lots of throwbacks to their earlier stuff. Jay got the win with the EVIL spot where he put a chair wrapped around Parnell’s neck, then swung for the fences with a second chair.