Jake Roberts & DDP Tout Story Trending Worldwide on Yahoo


As noted earlier, Yahoo! Sports published a feature on Jake “The Snake” Roberts. The story was trending worldwide on Yahoo for majority of yesterday, reaching the number one spot at one point.

Jake Roberts commented on the story, writing on Twitter, “Im trending on @Yahoo! Would be more excited about it if i knew what the hell it meant . Is it Addictive? Can I do it while doing @DDPYoga”

Diamond Dallas Page also commented on the story trending worldwide, writing on Twitter, “STILL trending in the #1 spot on @yahoo!!! See for yourself “The resurrection of @JakeSnakeDDT” http://sports.yahoo.com/news/diamond-dallas-page-and-the-resurrection-of-jake–the-snake–roberts-152019556.html … @jaybusbee”

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  1. This is just awesome! Its great to see these guys bounce back after all the things they have gone through..I wish them the best!


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