Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts Sends Another Chilling Message To Cody Rhodes


The legendary Jake “The Snake” Roberts is featured above in another bone-chilling promo, as first seen on this Wednesday night’s edition of AEW Dynamite.

Roberts is the latest of the great wrestling icons to join up with the promotion, recently debuting as the manager of former New Japan Pro-Wrestling juggernaut Lance Archer.

Just last week we saw the so-called “Murderhawk” absolutely brutalize a gang of bizarre-looking carnies in a wrestling ring hidden deep in the woods, as Roberts looked on from a conveniently placed rocking chair in front of a blood-soaked photo of Cody Rhodes.

Yeah. It’s ridiculous.

Rhodes, who was on commentary for this week’s Dynamite, was understandably worked up after The Snake took shots at not only him, but his wife and the entire Nightmare Family.

After considering the challenge, Cody announced that Lance Archer could make his in-ring debut live on next week’s show – or rather, the “next” show, given the current uncertainty caused by COVID-19.

Archer has been chomping at the bit to get back in the ring and cause a little more mayhem. He last competed for the Warrior Wrestling promotion in Chicago on February 15, and wrapped up his time in NJPW on the New Beginning in USA tour, which ended on February 1.