James Storm Talks A Potential WWE Return and Beer Money Reunion, Who He Would Want To Face in WWE, More


Former IMPACT Wrestling star, James Storm recently spoke with Inside The Ropes regarding a potential WWE return and a possible Beer Money return. Below are some highlights.

A potential WWE return:

“It’s one of those things, I threw it out there and only time will tell, we will see what happens. Right now I am getting in the best shape I can get in, I have my sh*t together. It was more my personal and my family life that I had to get together and all that is taken care of. I love to wrestle, that is why I got into wrestling.”

WWE being full of TNA talent:

“It’s funny, I don’t see it as a theory, cream always rises to the top, you can’t hold talent down. I think Triple H saw that and was like, look if they can make this much money for TNA, imagine how much they can make if I bring them to WWE, plain and simple.”

A potential Beer Money team in WWE:

“I said in a tweet that Beer Money in WWE could make WWE a lot of merch money. Even if we wanted to get back together, I think me and Bobby like beating each other up more than we do teaming with each other.”

Who would he like to face:

“To me, I can work with anyone, I wouldn’t mind working with Orton, we don’t have to do a lot in a match to get it over. You never know, I never got to work with Kevin Owens, seeing his style, he grew up the same way but he was in ROH and I was in TNA.”

Please, H/T ProWrestling.com for the transcription and check out the full interview above.