Japan Lifts State Of Emergency, Update On When NJPW Can Run Shows Again


The state of emergency restrictions across Japan have officially been lifted, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced today.

While New Japan Pro-Wrestling will likely approach this situation with the appropriation caution, it has been ruled that empty arena sports will be allowed to return to the nation on June 19th.

It will still be a bit before Japanese fans can get back to watching shows live in person, however. Starting July 10th, venues will be able to run at 50% max capacity, up to a maximum of 5,000 individuals in attendance at a time.

Earlier this month, New Japan President Harold Meij confirmed that the first step in the promotion getting back to business as usual would be empty arena events.

He added “this step will be taken when, and only when the state of emergency restrictions are lifted, the number of new coronavirus infections declines, and when matches can take place in a properly disinfected and safe space.”

New Japan was among the first wrestling companies anywhere in the world to shut down at the start of the pandemic’s spread. Numerous tours have been cancelled, including this year’s Best of the Super Jrs., and the planned return to Madison Square Garden in August.