Another Jason Jordan Health Update, Curt Hawkins On Being The Main Event


It was announced on WWE Monday Night Raw last night by Kurt Angle that his ‘son,’ Jason Jordan will not be wrestling at WWE WrestleMania 34 with his neck injury set to keep him out of action. has provided some more details on his situation.

The former WWE Raw Tag Team Champion has surgery on his neck on 2/5 which was described as a  “minimally invasive operation to decompress the nerve,” by WWE Medical Director Dr. Joseph Maroon.

WWE removed Jordan from all live events in January but was kept on TV, though it looks like that will change moving forwards with WWE focusing on pushing WrestleMania related storylines. At the time of writing it is unknown what Jordan’s estimated return schedule is.

Curt Hawkins On Being The Main Event

He may still be undergoing his defeated streak, but Curt Hawkins is seeing the positives in his latest run, claiming that no matter what anybody says he is always the main event of WWE Main Event.

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