Jay Bradley Comments on The IWC’s Criticism Towards TNA


Former TNA Wrestler Jay Bradley was asked by the RCWR Radio podcast about the internet wrestling community’s criticism towards TNA Wrestling.

Bradley answered, “As for the TNA haters, I kind of understand it but I don’t think it’s necessarily deserved. There are hardcore fans that forget this is what they love rather than playing armchair booker or armchair wrestler so I think of it as if TNA goes away, all these people that you love to watch wrestle will no longer have a place to wrestle and you’ll no longer have a place to watch wrestling. I also look at it as you have a company out there that tries new things. I’m not saying that WWE doesn’t try new things, but you have a much more slower change. It’s much more mythological.”

He continued, “TNA has tried so many things over the last 11 years, let’s see what’s going to work for them because I don’t think they’ve found their niche yet. Vince McMahon has the WWE business model down pat and no one is going to beat him at it. I don’t think TNA has their business model down yet so they like to try new things like exhibition guys for a while and then let’s try Knockouts for a while and see what’s getting people’s attention. So I think that sometimes they’ve gotten the reputation and people are going to give you a mile of hate for what they don’t like and an inch of praise. People are going to remember the negative more so than the positive and I think that’s what sticks out in a lot of people’s minds.”

Also in the interview, Bradley discusses his TNA release, ideas pitched for his TNA character and several other topics. You can check out the podcast here.

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