Jay Lethal Comments on Working as a Heel & Face, Favorite Match & More

Jay Lethal was recently interviewed by Mike and Dean from The Wrestling Mania. Here are some highlights from the interview.

Gabe Sapolsky: “There was a time when I was working for ROH, and TNA had to pull all their talent off an ROH show due to a storm and I was one of them. Gabe took me aside at the next show and told me that he wanted to use my spot for a homegrown talent.”

His all time favorite match: “Every crowd is different and people react differently to each match, I can remember my favorite match was Bret Hart vs. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper [at WrestleMania 8]. It still gives me goosebumps right now. I’m a bit fan of not just wrestling moves, but the emotion that it evokes.”

On The Paparazzi Idol: “That was without a doubt the most fun I’ve had in wrestling. I had got into ROH at an alarming rate and then obviously TNA, everyone wants to be The Rock or Stone Cold and I wanted to be taken seriously. The Paparazzi Idol was the first time I ever had fun in wrestling, and Kevin Nash is the funniest guy in wrestling.”

Working as a heel or face: “Being a babyface is much harder because people are more inclined to hate you, even when you have done nothing wrong, I love the challenge of being a babyface.”

Miss Tessmacher Looking Good…

  • Rene Ramirez

    Few years ago when I starting seeing TNa becouse WWE was getting to boring Cena Orton HHH Cena Orton HHH I saw TNa and there was Jay Lethal with to much talent and was allowed to show it. Best Macho Man inpersanater Remembered that card He had with the Nature boy Lethal has it all WILL LIKE TO SEE HIM BACK ON TNA YES I SAID IT. but if giving a chance on WWe will like to see Lethal join forces with Kofi and Mark Hendry as the NEW NATION OF DOMINATION they posted on Blechard Report that Blacks Don’t get a chance to reach the top I say there never been a Latino on the top other than Eddie Guerrero Rest in Peace. WCW gave us Ron Simmons but any AFrican American never Lethal or Kofi can give the African American a boost in the WWE>Hernandez Needs to be World Champion for the Latino comunities.

  • Guest

    Lethal is currently in ROH and most likely will not show up in TNA any time soon.

    As for Hernandez being champ…I’m Mexican and even I can’t back that statement. Sorry but Hernandez doesn’t have any of the ability wrestling ability or charisma of an Eddie Guerrero or Alberto Del Rio. He’s a tag team wrestler and is lost whenever he has to act as a singles wrestler.

    • raul cruz

      weird posted me as guest.

      • Rene Ramirez

        Mr Cruz i agree with you regarding Hernandez but under a Good manager for example Hecter he could be great he has the the physic and charisma of a champion but latinos or mexican no matter where are never going get same chance to shine or make a diffrence only man ever Eddie G but only won and lost it fast How come Alberto or Rey never win wwe world championship Rey won it an got screwd like Bryan just saying latinos are not in good terms with WWE just look on how they treating Epico an Hunico the Colons there father and uncles greatest family wrestlers ever what they do with carlito they fire him for wellness policy how come they haven’t fired orton same heritie they byas concernin latinos

        • raul cruz

          Vince seems to have something against pushing Latinos. When his father ran the company guys like Pedro Morales and Mil Mascaras were treated with respect. When Vince Jr took over in the mid 80s he completely got rid of mostly all of them. Morales was kept around as a jobber, Tito Santana was allowed an IC title run, just to set him up as an undercard face, and then later he also became a jobber. The situation with Eddie and Rey was a fluke almost. Paul Heyman was in charge of Smackdown at the time and he pushed these guys, he likes the lucha libre style and these two were one of his stars in the early days of ECW. It’s unlikely that a situation like this will present itself again, with someone in management looking favorably on Latino wrestlers.

          • Rene Ramirez

            will like to see Hayman turn Heel/face and join Brayan and go against HHH is already set up this Last Monday