Jay Lethal Gives His Thoughts On Dalton Castle, A Daniel Bryan Dream Match & Supercard Of Honor


Wrestling veteran, Jay Lethal recently spoke with Brian Fritz of The Sporting News to hype this weekend’s Ring Of Honor show and he talked about current ROH Champion, Dalton Castle and more.

Thoughts on Dalton Castle:

All he was looking for, in my opinion, was his character because I saw when he came to the Ring of Honor tryout, the ability was there. He was looking for something to capture the audience and he’s found that very quickly. He is the world champion for a reason. It’s not like someone said ‘look, Dalton’s doing really good, he’s stepped his game up’. No, I don’t think that was ever said. I think from day one Dalton has been amazing and someone maybe said ‘this guy is amazing, we’re going to recognize that.’ I don’t think it was a thing where we saw his growth. I think Dalton has always been amazing which is why he’s the world champion.”

ROH Supercard Of Honor Match:

“It’s an honor to team with Tanahashi but I would really love a singles match with Tanahashi. The New Japan wrestling fan in me would really love a singles match with me and Tanahashi. Deep down inside, I want to wrestle anybody.”

A potential Daniel Bryan dream match:

“I got to tag with him years ago, I had my fingers crossed that his contract with WWE would expire and somehow we’d scoop him up. You know, deep down inside, he really wants to wrestle. I was kind of hoping and I think some of the other guys in the locker room kind of had their fingers crossed that could potentially happen. And who knows. I would love that opportunity but I’m leaning more towards it probably won’t happen.”