JBL Comments on Alex Riley, What’s Christina Crawford Doing Now?, More


– Courtesy of WrestlingDVDNews.com, here is the intro to WWE’s “Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden” DVD and Blu-ray that hits stores on August 27th:

– Former WWE developmental Diva Christina Crawford, the sister of Alicia Fox, is now a cheerleader for the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Here she is on the cover of their new calendar:

Christina Crawford cheerleader

– As seen on last night’s SmackDown, Alex Riley worked commentary with Michael Cole. Jim Ross told a fan that he thought Riley did a good job on SmackDown commentary and has done well at NXT commentary. JBL tweeted:

“Congrats to @AlexRileyWWE on @wwe Smackdown. Heard he did a great job, well done.”

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  1. Direct TV sucks But TNA needs to start Listening to its viewers An used the Young Guys an Girls they Establish Not Really on this old wern out wrestlers Get Masters Doc or join forces with ROH or Dragon Gate, Heck they Have a Good Alley with AAA bring some of those Stars an Put them here in the us Dr Wagner, Cerbenetico, La Parka (original) Conan Hijo Del Santo AAA has tremendas amount of Talent an they have a good Deal with TNA Get better Management Drop Bishoff an Hogan and Brook is a Wast of Money put her on the Ring an maybe ill Change my mind About here She just give blonds a bad name. Daaaaaa

    • this isnt even about tna….god damn you people whine alot…since when does wwe do everything right…

      • Dude, they’ve flopped with certain storylines, like Kane and Daniel Bryan… I couldn’t WAIT for that atrocity of an angle to end…. it was over-the-top, nonsensical comedy at best. Bastion Booger – Meat – Crush – The Conquistadors (actually that team wasn’t too bad for jobbers)… these are instances where WWE failed… another one was Simon Dean. Geez… and that nature guy who came out to the sound of a jungle with no music… can’t remember his name… but these are characters that WWE missed the boat on, but they were still creative nonetheless. A more serious way WWE dropped the ball was with Shelton Benjamin, who could’ve been a really big player if they had pushed him. Same thing with Morrison. They should have pushed him to the moon, but they didn’t.

  2. TNA is trying. They need guys like Hogan and Bishoff who have been to the top of the mountain to help them build a winning team. Unlike the WWE, they don’t have great consultants like Pat Patterson and Michael Hayes. These men know how to get guys over and are very creative. Like D-Lo Brown said, they are still working on becoming a force in the industry. That takes patience and time. One day, they will figure it out.

    • Ralph, don’t play middleman. Hogan and Bischoff are CANCERS to the industry. They’re in it for their own personal gain. For no one else. This is why WCW isn’t around anymore. Let’s get with the program, Ralph. WWE is simply the ONLY game in town.

      • I’m not choosing sides here bro. I’m simply stating what I see. I know WWE is number one. That doesn’t mean I can’t like some of the things TNA does as well. And I am well aware of Hogan and Bishoff’s past dealings. But besides their experience and past accomplisments, what kind of leadership does TNA have? Sometimes you have to work with the devil.


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