JBL Comments on Chants, Update on RAW Delayed Viewers, More

– R-Truth and WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn will be appearing at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Wheeling, West Virginia on May 4th at 3pm.

– JBL tweeted the following about fans chanting “one more match” during his in-ring segment with Mark Henry on last night’s WWE Main Event:

“To those who chanted ‘one more match’, after standing in the ring with @TheMarkHenry I gotta say…NOT A CHANCE!! I’m retired, he’s strong.”

– The March 18th RAW had a record-low 91,000 homes watching on DVR or tape delay. The March 25th show had 491,000 homes watching on delay, which means 13.9% of the total viewers didn’t watch RAW live that week, near-record levels. The April 1st RAW had 213,000 homes watching on a delay.

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Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • allan mccann

    Haha, one more match I’m sure jbls got it in him after climbing those mountains, but he’s should stay retired, jbl voice is what made him wwe champ for 11 months

  • TheBrawler LJ

    To Allan Mccann:
    Yes, JBL’s incredible mic skills is what helped him be the longest reigning WWE champion in Smackdown history, but I think you are forgetting about the most devastating clothesline in WWE history.