JBL Responds to Bully Accusations from Former WWE Announcer


Former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts’ claimed in a new book that he was bullied by JBL. Here are some highlights from the book:

  • Someone from Smackdown stole Justin’s passport from his bag on the final night of a tour to the UK. It was never returned. He had to go to the US embassy in London to get it reissued. “Stealing a passport out of someone’s bag is a pretty evil rib and not giving it back means it’s no longer a rib”.
  • When they were in Japan on a tour, there was two tour buses – faces and heels. “Bradshaw had both buses pull over”. They wouldn’t move until Justin was moved from the face bus to the heel one. JBL and his cronies then bullied Justin for the entire journey. “I was very comfortable working the RAW tours. I was scared for my life to work SmackDown tours”.
  • “JBL would throw my bags down the street…he typically referred to me as dipshit and numbnuts despite my always trying to do a great job…every day I saw him, he asked me why I was still alive and told me to go kill myself”.
  • JBL was being interviewed by a high-schooler and, after the kid dropped his notes, Bradshaw asked the mother if “she had any children who weren’t mentally disabled”.
  • HHH had a thing about trying to pull down Justin’s pants
  • Jaime Noble and Chris Benoit once tackled Justin down to the ground in the airport and put him in a double crossface. He tapped instantly but they refused to release him. He could barely walk for days afterwards.

JBL responded on Twitter to the accusations:


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