Jeff Cobb On Rumors That He Has Signed with ROH, Last Year’s Michael Elgin Controversy, Dream Opponents and More


Lucha Underground star Jeff Cobb recently spoke with Uproxx and below are some interview highlights.

There’s a lot of rumors that you’ve signed with ROH.

Internet websites. Don’t get me started on that. Those guys were like, “Oh hey, Jeff Cobb signed with ROH?” Really, I did? I wish I would have known. That would’ve been great. But yeah, some people say I signed… When I called them out on it they said, “No, Dave Meltzer said you did.” I was like, “No, Dave Meltzer didn’t say I did. He said I’m working with them.” There’s a difference between working and signing with them.

But you were in, last year – you were not the controversial one, but there was the Michael Elgin thing. What was your perspective on that drama?

My perspective on it was I could give a shit if you like me or not. I don’t envision everybody liking me, which is fine, totally fine, because I don’t like everybody in the wrestling industry, you know, you’re not going to get along with every-single-body. If he didn’t like me, that’s cool. I really wish he would have just told me instead of putting it up front, but again, it’s totally fine. I don’t care. I didn’t lose any sleep over what he said. The internet fans, on the other hand, did, the pro wrestling community, the wrestlers and performers did. I don’t care. Whatever. Everybody’s entitled to their opinion. I tend to stay away from drama. Life is too short to deal with that. I’m not in high school anymore. High school’s a long time ago for me.

Do you have, like, any number one person you want to wrestle anywhere?

Currently, or…?

Currently or historically, that you can’t wrestle anymore.

Currently, Samoa Joe, because I like his style. He’s very hard-hitting, and he’s a Poly, so, I have a tendency to go with Poly guys. And then, overall, definitely Kurt Angle in his prime

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