Jeff Hardy Makes Surprise Appearance, Kurt Angle’s HOF Induction

– Kurt Angle’s TNA Hall of Fame induction will be held this Saturday evening. The event will feature a three course meal and the company is asking fans that are planning to attend to wear business casual, including collared shirts. More information on the event is available at this link.

– Jeff Hardy made a surprise appearance at an OMEGA event over the weekend in North Carolina. Hardy did a run-in under his masked persona from his earlier days during his OMEGA run, Will Of the Wisp.

Velvet Sky Looking FINE in a Tiny Skirt….

  • Mike Arienti

    That’d be “Willow the Whisp” for those of you who look things up before posting.

  • Bobby Seagle

    Wow TNA can afford a 3 course meal lol..

  • Fast Eddie

    I wish I could be there to see Angle inducted. And as for Jeff HArdy, I am sure the creatues were happy to see him there. Awesome!!