Jeff Hardy Speaks on His Latest Injury: “I Will Be Back”


Jeff Hardy was interviewed backstage during the April 30 edition of SmackDown Live. Jeff and his brother Matt were forced to surrender the brand’s Tag Team Championships due to injury earlier in the night. Jeff will need surgery on his right knee and according to him, the operation should take care of the problem.

“It’s a bummer but at the same time, I needed a new knee. There was a lot of wear and tear on it so I’m pretty confident I’m gonna come back better than I was, or have been, the last four years.”

Jeff also spoke directly to the fans, who have always supported the Hardy Boyz though the good and bad times of their pro wrestling careers.

“I will be back and I will be better than ever and I’m gonna rock it, Enigma style and be myself like I always have been and hopefully be able to put on a better show than I have recently.”

Jeff did mention during the interview that he was already having issues with his knee when Lars Sullivan attacked him on SmackDown. This means that the big man will get the credit for putting Jeff on the shelf. Jeff Hardy is expected to miss six to nine months of action.

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