Jeff Jarrett Returning to TNA on Thursday?


As noted earlier, Dixie Carter announced that a former World Champion is scheduled for this Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling. The name rumored is Jeff Jarrett, according to

Dixie alludes Jarrett’s return with her “top of the hill” comment, which seems like a subtle hint at Jeff Jarrett’s “king of the mountain” reference. Dixie also teased, “He is one of the greatest of all time,” and “I can not wait to welcome him home. Stay tuned.”

More Big Spoilers Revealed for Thursday’s Impact….

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  1. Can someone please help me spell YAWN? I need to put YAWN in this post to show how bored I am with the return of Jeff Jarrett.

    Upper mid-carder at best, and well past his prime.

    Oh, yeah, YAWN…..

    • Your such a d*** that comment makes no sense too and even if you think that he is a mid carder at best hewas big in every promotion he’s been in and helps establish so many guys from tna. He’s a legend.

      • People like him yawn a lot because they never stop to watch so they don’t know real talent. Jeff is a star and was in four promotions as one. Even Jerry Lawler knew to push him over his own son so if the guy is still yawning then it’s just because the class is too fast for him lol.

          • The terrible thing is how they almost made it sound like Jeff was his son. I remember watching the USWA and WCCW when Jerry was really King. Jeff was practically glued to him. Jerry looked out for Bill Dundee because his son was just as bad lol. Jerry Lawler is probably one of the nicest people you’ll ever know. He looked out for people. I wish he’d come in with some of his ideas along with Jeff. It would be fun to see what they could do. I hear groans but I meant with the guys and let Jeff and his wife be solely in charge of the women lol.

          • wow had an idea wish is rare what if only if Jerry Lawler jump ship to be the new TNA GM along with Jeff Jarrett could it be possible.

      • Legend??? Listen Undertaker is a legend, Andre the giant was a legend, Stone Cold is a legend, Shawn Michaels is a legend, just to name a few, but Jeff Jarrett is absolutely not a legend. #fact

        • Lets agree to disagree maybe not in wrestling seen but as a promoter he up there with Bill Watts and Vince Sr

        • Dude what the f*** you taking about ,ask those guys if jeff is a legend they will say so, and your comparing him to the biggest legends there r. Koko b ware is a legend and Jeff’s way better then him,not everyone is the undertaker

      • Yeah, he was a world champion in every promotion his dad ran! In WWE, he was IC champ only (the definition of upper mid card). He was champ in WCW, too, when it folded and was bought out.

        • He was champ in wcw cause he earned it, he would have been champ in wwe cause Vince promised him it but screwed him so he left,and he was champ In tna cause he was the only established guy till he put over guys like aj styles. Ask any legend jeff is a legend on his own! And consider guys like Austin and Hhh couldn’t only make it in one promotion and jareett made it in everyone shows he’s a legend you disrespectful s***

  2. Who cares? And, can TNA be so obvious and copy off of WWE anymore than it already has with the Dixie (authority) storyline? Oh yeah, please Dixie, for all of your small viewing audiences sake, TAKE SOME ACTING LESSONS!!!!

    • So cause tna has a boss there copying wwe? Both tna and wwe rip there s*** off crappy sitcoms or soap opera ,nothings original

      • Maybe they (TNA) should try and come up with something different for now and not rip off WWE at the same time WWE is doing an authority storyline. It makes the programming pretty boring!


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