Jeff Jarrett’s GFW Teams With ‘Biggest Loser’ Creator

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling is teaming with Biggest Loser creator Dave Broone and his 25/7 productions to produce “new matches as well as unscripted programming.”

Jarrett and wife Karen have been working on the formation of Global Force Wrestling since January, when Jarrett’s bid to purchase TNA (along with Toby Keith) failed to happen. At this time, there is no word on if Keith will be involved with Global Force Wrestling.

Broome said the plan is to have new GFW content on the air 52 weeks per year, with both live and live to tape programming. The TV rights are currently being shopped. Broome had the following to say about the deal…

“It just won’t be a bunch of wrestling matches; we have exciting announcements to come. TNA or WWE right now is match after match after match. Global Force Wrestling is not going to do that. There will be matches but there will be a lot more and a lot more variety placed into the actual events that will be really innovative and fresh.”

Jarrett added the following…

“We’re excited to enter this journey with a group as talented as Dave Broome and 25/7. They’ve achieved some great things over the past decade and we feel like they can lend a unique perspective both in and out of the ring.”

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