Jeff Jarrett’s Major Announcement On Monday, Roberts, Cabana

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— A fan asked Jeff Jarrett at Wrestlecon on Saturday about his announcement on Monday. Jarrett said: “You’ll see Monday and we’ll be speaking on Monday. Bank on that.”

— Adam Pearce is still up for being the PA announcer for the San Diego Padres. The online voting will determine a group of ten that the Padres will choose from. You can vote for Pierce by voting for him here or on Twitter with the hashtag #PadresPA23.

— There will be an announcement about Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies tomorrow morning at 10 AM at Wrestlecon.

— Colt Cabana’s show on Thursday night was in a small venue that only held around sixty people, but it was full. The group watched No Holds Barred with Cabana, Marty DeRosa, Cliff Compton and “someone from the UK” providing commentary. Colt mentioned that he was wrestling Jeff Jarrett this weekend and hoped he didn’t screw up so Jarrett would invite him to his new wrestling project.

— Jake Roberts, Gangrel and Jasmin St. Claire are all in the new horror film Catch of the Day. Check out the trailer here.

REPORT: The talent list for Jeff Jarrett’s new promotion + a TV deal in place already >>

  • The FBWA

    Just watched that trailer.. is that some high school kids project?