Why Jeff Jarrett’s WWE Hall of Fame Induction Is ‘Controversial’ to Some Fans


It was announced earlier today that former WWE star and TNA co-founder Jeff Jarrett will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year, but rumors regarding Jarrett’s induction actually began last week. With the rumors came many surprised reactions from fans regarding Jarrett’s inclusion in the WWE Hall of Fame, and we’re here to tell you why people are surprised by what many deem a ‘controversial’ induction.

Back in 1999, Jeff Jarrett was The Intercontinental Champion in the days leading up to his contract with WWE set to expire. Jarrett was leaving WWE to sign with WCW, and his departure was preceded by then-WWE head writer Vince Russo’s departure, as Russo was also heading to WCW.

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Prior to Jarrett’s departure from WWE he was set to face Chyna for the IC Title at WWE No Mercy, and the match did take place, with Chyna winning the Title from Double-J. The match, however, took place one day after Jarrett’s contract expired, but for reasons still unknown, WWE allowed Jarrett to retain the title past his contract expiration date, as Jarrett’s deal had expired 24 hours prior to him dropping the title to Chyna.

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While the amount of money varies depending on who you talk to, sources claim Jeff Jarrett asked WWE for somewhere between $125,000 and $300,000 to drop the Title to Chyna at No Mercy, effectively placing Jarrett on WWE’s “bad side”, and offering WWE officials the impression that he “held up” WWE and the Title for a high money payout before exiting WWE.

Following Jarrett’s WWE departure in 1999 and Vince McMahon’s subsequent purchase of WCW in 2001, Vince McMahon publicly ‘fired’ Jeff Jarrett on the March 26th, 2001 episode of WWE Raw, and you can watch the firing in the video above.