Jericho on Menounos Speech, More on New Belt Logo, Trish Comments on WM29 Weekend

– The following is video footage of John Cena appearing on “Good Morning America” today.

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– Chris Jericho commented on Maria Menounos Hall of Fame speech, writing on Twitter, “Wanna say I think my friend @mariamenounos did a great job w her speech inducting Bob Backlund into the HOF and all boo birds be damned!!”

– Trish Stratus commented on her HOF and WrestleMania appearances, writing on Twitter, “What an amazing weekend! @WWE #HOF was the highlight of my career & I must say there truly is nothing like a @WrestleMania night! #HOFTrish”

– We noted earlier that John Cena appeared on talk shows with new logos on the WWE championship title belt. Here is a new close up photo that WWE shared on their Twitter page of the belt.

Photos of the WWE Title Belt Logos Being Switched Out 1


  • shawnnitro

    God…and here I was thinking that tittle can’t be uglier than having bull sideplates…

    • would you rather it spins?

      • shawnnitro

        the thing is, the spinner belt looked ok when Punk was holding it (not saying that I’m a Punk fanboy because I’m not), I’m just saying with that belt’s centerpiece locked in, it didn’t look that stupid.

        • allan mccann

          cena has fanboy’s cause there little boys lol punk has FANS cause there grown men,and you can not be a fan all you like but that doesnt mean hes not amazing at what he does and the only man to top john cena earnings since he took off in 2003.its a fact. and as for the title this one isnt shaped great but looks alot more pro. as for that other title even with punk it was awful,it looks like a title designed for cena’s gangsta gimmic…which it was.