Jericho Responds to Triple H’s RAW Promo, Says Bye Bye to WWE


– As seen on last night’s RAW, Triple H cut a promo at Daniel Bryan and grouped him with Edge, Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho as talented stars who made it but were never “the guy” for WWE. Triple H said if any of them had been the face of WWE years ago, they would all be working for Ted Turner’s WCW.

Jericho replied on Twitter:

“Thing is @tripleh despite ur major push,u never were either. Good luck in ur future endeavours”

Jericho also posted this tweet which appears to have been deleted now:

“Time to move on guys. Bye bye @wwe! Now time for more important things…any doubt that #DayInTheLife is the best @thebeatles song ever??”

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    • Oh hell no… he’s way too good for that… Jericho said EXACTLY what I was thinking… HHH never was the man… he was married into his position.

      • Triple h was a 5 time wwe champ before he even touched steph, no your history fool that just stupid crap people use to knockdown his rise. If you didn’t think hhh was awesome as hell most of his career then you don’t know talent. He was never the face of the wwe but he sure as hell was and would have been a big player with or without steph

        • Learn your facts bro.HHH was never the WWE champion before he got with Steph.Intercontinental yes but not WWE champ.You are wrong again

        • I don’t “no” my history… I KNOW it. Dumbass… Learn some grammar and when you can post against those that know more than you, then say something; but even then, you’ll look once again like the biggest jackass.

  1. Jericho will never wrestle for TNA. He is too smart of a wrestler for that, its all talk because he always wanted to concentrate on his band Fozzy. Also due to the fact in many interviews he is wwe4life, Jericho will be back in time for Mania, nuff said.

    • Its not about being smart jackass its that in this point of his career if he does return he only wants it to be in wwe cause its the biggest stage and he has a lot of friends there. But before his return back in 2012 he almost signed with TNA but wwe offered him more.

      • Allan, you’re the biggest jackass here. Why does the truth make you cry repeatedly? Know your role, shut your hole, and move on to your next abomination.

      • A—–I have never called you any names. B–where did you read that Y2J would even consider signing with TNA???? C—-He was repeatedly said in interviews, he would never join TNA, referring to TNA as Totally Nympho Assclowns.D—–Vince has given Y2J a part timers deal which gives him his time with his group Fozzy and Y2J will be available when Vince really needs him. TNA can never give him same deal.

  2. Triple h was never the face of wwe either just raw,just like edge was smackdown,john cena is the face, before him it was austin

  3. Until HHH plowed and married himself into a power position, there were signs in arenas in the late ’90’s describing him as “mid-card for life.”


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