Jerry Jarrett Comments on TNA’s Future & Hiring Ex-WWE Talents

Inside the Ropes spoke to Memphis promoter and TNA Founder Jerry Jarrett about TNA’s focus on hiring former WWE talents.

“That’s one of the mistakes they made. They can’t seem to get past the fact that when you bring in guys that WWE has let go, fans are going to see them as yesterday’s soup. But of course you have to have someone who knows how to cultivate and create talent otherwise you have no choice but to use whoever’s available, thats named talent. It’s pretty obvious that they don’t have anybody that knows how to create talent. I’m guessing, because I haven’t seen the show in 2-3 years, but I’m sure there’s talent there that could be superstars. Truth, Ron Killings was in TNA and then you saw when he went to WWE how Vince made him into a superstar. In the wrestling business, it’s really not any secret, it’s understanding that if you’re making a movie. what are the ingredients you need? A compelling storyline, a great producer/director and great talent. You mix those ingredients and you get great cinema. But if you take this great star or talent and put him in a stinking movie with a stinking producer director, what do you get? and the wrestling business is a dance between the promoter or booker or writer and the talent. They have to be on the same page and they both have to be good.”

Jerry also discussed the future of TNA Wrestling.

“I am amazed, because when I was there, Bob Carter called me at least two to three times a week and said “I can’t lose any more money, Jerry” and I said, “You’re needing to talk to your daughter, not to me. She’s running the place.” So I’m amazed that they are in business. I think at this point, it’safe to say that TNA will continue to be subsidized by Bob Carter until he dies. Then I think TNA will go the way of ECW and the territory days.”

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  • paul mcdowell

    I guess jeff forgot truth was in wwe before tna lol.

    • Negatist

      JERRY not JEFF

      • paul mcdowell

        I meant jeff not jerry. cause I do believe that jeff and jerry both founded tna. and im sure 1 point in time jeff was running tna when truth was hired

        • Timothy Graham

          You might be guessing wrong. What Jerry says is no proof of what Jeff remembers.

          • paul mcdowell

            guess jerry didnt have a problem with Jeff bringing in wwe talent as long as he brought in the stars that wwe let go

  • Jay

    Jeff is giving TNA the kiss of death

    • Negatist

      Dude, TNA has been riding the kiss of death since its inception…

  • allan

    Didn’t read these comments cause u people r just bad mouth in TNA. And sometimes bring in over talent works. Look at bully ray,christian,angle,anderson just don’t pik up dead weight like Knox

  • Louisa Baton

    I guess some people can’t spell lol. Jeff isn’t saying anything Jerry (Jeff’s dad) is doing all the talking yet people are bad mouthing Jeff. Reading, important in every way so try it sometime.

    • paul mcdowell

      yeah its not like his own son jeff has not brought in guys the wwe has cut. this is sarcasm if u havent noticed

      • Louisa Baton

        Jeff did something with them and they turned out even better because of hi. Truth, Booker, and Mick, TNA just needs to tell Eric that it’s great to be loved in Germany but Mexico, Africa, Asia and North America want something to watch as well.

  • Action Movie Fanatix

    I’m not saying he’s wrong but the guy says he hasn’t even watched in 2-3 years and he hasn’t been involved in even longer than that. How can he be qualified to comment on anything?

  • raul cruz

    Hiring the WWE guys wouldn’t have been so bad if they actually built up the younger talent in TNA but instead their egos demanded these young guys with more talent be jobbed out to them or buried in the undercard. Did Jeff Hardy really need to win against Manik this past Thursday? All TNA did was make their X-divission champion look weak.