Jerry Lawler Apologizes to HHH, Raw Backstage Fallout, More


– Embedded in the video below is this week’s Raw Backstage Fallout. WWE Superstars are asked about Curtis Axel.

– Speaking of Curtis Axel, Eric Bischoff congratulated him on Twitter, “Congrats to Joe Hennig @wwe. I am certain your father is proud. Best of luck!!!!”

– Jerry Lawler apologized to Triple H for suggesting that he may have suffered a stroke on last night’s Raw during his match with Axel.

“I want to apologize to Triple H and his family for insinuating that he may have had a stroke. I know firsthand how upsetting it could be.”

Michael Cole Reacts to Curtis Axel Debut….


  1. Joe Hennig is going to be big..might surpass his father’s career and might even win the Championship, something Curt never did.

    • we will see. triple h backing him can only so far. ive seen joe, hes agressive and a good wrestler. but hes boring, his mic skills blow and theres nothing special about him, but heyman can help with that… who knows but i doubt he will ever surpass curt

  2. triple was doing that so they can focus on talking about concussions in wrestling. and stop focusing on the head , which means…the end of wrestling in wwe.


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