Jerry Lawler Claims WWE Crown Jewel Should Still Go Ahead, Triple H Shares His Hectic Schedule, More


WWE Hall Of Famer, Jerry Lawler has been the latest name to back WWE’s decision to still run the WWE Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia. The King recently spoke with Bill Apter regarding the controversial event and you can see his comments below, with a H/T to for the transcriptions.

“I think it’s good in the fact that it is helping bring about change,” said Lawler. “I think that eventually if we keep going, that women will be allowed to go.”

Lawler continued, “I didn’t really think that women were going to be allowed at the show. But I was so shocked that they want to be so westernized. They want to be like we are. But I think that this deep-seeded religious leaders that they’re still somehow in power. But I think as time goes on I think that’s [women wrestling in Saudi Arabia]going to change.”

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Triple H Shares His Hectic Schedule

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