Jerry Lawler Comments on In-ring Return, Steve Austin’s Guidelines for Q&A Podcast

– Jerry “The King” Lawler talked about his in-ring return for Dory Funk Jr.’s !Bang! promotion during an interview with Ocala Banner.

“He said everything looked great, that I was good to go. I asked if I can go back to doing what I’ve always done, and he said it wouldn’t be a problem, that it actually should be good because it will be cardio work, which is good for me. Anything to get my heart rate up. I asked if taking a body slam would be an issue. He said nothing like that would affect my heart.”

– Steve Austin will be recording a Q&A podcast today where fans will be able to call in and ask questions. Steve Austin has announced his guidelines for the session on Twitter.

“Headed to studio to do a #steveaustinshow. Will tweet out phone number to studio for you to call in and ask questions.

I will not be answering WM30, comeback, or the Shield questions. Focus on current events or advice type questions.”

Vince McMahon Needs a Favor From John Cena….

  • I’m all for The King living a good life.. If that means he can get back into the ring, awesome!