Jerry Lawler Reflects on his Wedding Being Paid for by an NBA Legend


Jerry “The King” Lawler recently talked about the time an NBA legend paid for his wedding. That headline alone sounds a bit bizarre, but the fact is that Charles Barkley took care of the bill for the WWE Hall of Famer.

The wedding in question took place in September of 2000, when Lawler married Stacy “The Kat” Carter in Las Vegas. Lawler told the story on a recent episode of his Dinner With The King podcast.

“Charles Barkley used to hang out a lot at MGM. At this time, he was hanging out a lot with Tiger Woods and with Michael Jordan. They were like the 3 Musketeers at MGM Grand, they had their own high roller’s room there and everything. 

I met Charles at one of the WWE shows, he would come to them, we became kind of friends. He invited me to go play golf with him, me and Stacy went and played golf with him, just the three of us. I said we’re getting married and he said ‘you guys ought to have it out here.’ And so we would up having it there and for some reason, at the last minute, he got called to Birmingham, Alabama to speak at some king of thing and he couldn’t be at the wedding, which he had promised us he would be. And then we got ready to leave the hotel, you know, we had to pay–it was a beautiful place that we had it in and everything–and got ready to pay and they said ‘it’s taken care of, Mr. Barkley took care of everything.'”

Lawler said that the ceremony cost around $4000 and evidently, Barkley was more than happy to step up and foot the bill as a wedding gift.

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Longtime WWE fans remember Stacy as a Diva who turned heads in the company, as she became a regularly featured star. She was perhaps best known for her run alongside 2019 Hall of Fame inductee Chyna, who she partnered with in 1999. Carter is also a former WWE Women’s champion.