Jerry Lawler’s Says Spot with Ziggler was Partial Cause for His Heart Attack

In the latest installment of The Steve Austin Show, Jerry “The King” Lawler discussed his heart attack that he suffered on last year’s episode of Raw. Lawler had wrestled in a tag match earlier that night where he teamed with Randy Orton and faced CM Punk and Dolph Zigger. Lawler mentioned that the series of elbows from Ziggler during that match were a “partial cause” of his attack.

Ziggler did a spot where he dropped ten straight elbows on Lawler’s chest. Lawler said that Ziggler was landing with all of his weight, and he remembered thinking, “jeez, this guy’s trying to kill me.”

“Honestly, and I talked to my cardiologist about it, and he said, ‘absolutely, the trauma to my chest from those elbows could have been hard enough to knock your heart out of rhythm,'” Lawler said. “It would start slowly, and then get more and more and more out of rhythm until it just seized up.”

Lawler noted that he’s feeling 100% now and wants to talk to Vince McMahon about having “a match or two on Raw” again.

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  • allan

    Dude.. The doctor says maybe it was caused by that. Nice to blame dolph .. He’s in enough trouble as is besides number 1 rule in wrestling is you don’t blame anyone you get in the ring expect to get hurt if you can take it stay out of the ring old man besides I’m sure years of eating like crap and never being in shape is why it happened

    • captainbuck

      Man, I wish this story weren’t posted. I think it’s way out of context, though, i think Dolph should lay off that move because i remember a guy who used that long ago in my little backyard thing and it did leave you short of breath. But, Jerry had a congenital heart defect of, i believe, some inefficent extra vessel that went across it, something, and that’s been removed and he’s expected to be 100% again, didn’t even have any cholesterol blockages. So, good for him, but, this story could be anyone. Big Show punches him or big show drops elbow on him, or Rey Jr lands a butbomb on him or the shields triple powerbombed him, most of the guys could have given him a similar amount of punishnment. Hell, Khali’s 2 hand chokeslam!

  • Cruxz .

    Im getting so sick of Jerry Lawler.. Just listening to him on raw nowadays makes me fall alseep, he sounds so dead and sucks so much as a commentator now!! Stop blaming Dolph and be glad you are still alive and still doing your boring s*** commentating

  • Dimestore Trophy

    the king needs to step down and stay the f*** out of the ring

    • The huntress in the night

      You expect the chance of a fatality every time you step into the ring. What has Lawler got to lose? Nothing more than he always has.

      • Dimestore Trophy

        i just cant stand the guy

        • Mr. Baker

          Then just say that then…Its OK to be a Hater…Maybe you hate him for personal reasons, maybe you’re a fan who predates me that has a legit beef…prob not…but maybe…IMO Jerry is hilarious…

          • Dimestore Trophy

            i liked him better as a heel announcer. but i have always liked the heel ones better . to me he doesnt seam to work without Jr and as far as the in ring stuff he has been to old for ten years.

          • Mr. Baker

            I can agree with that…him and JR was just pure Gold….and in ring??? only for comedic relief , until he fought Miz,that made for good tv…even I got sucked in during that WWE title match…

  • Ronald Ryan

    would you tell William Shatner to stop acting, would you tell hugh hefner stop dating women young enough to be his great grand daughters, If jerry wants to wrestle again why not he’s a lot better then most of the roster there and his commentary is as good as ever just because he don’t talk about Puppies or being the heel commentator
    Makes him Nah the fact that he disses the People in charge makes him better.

    • allan

      Better then most of the roster ? Lmao what maybe khali and Hornswoggle lol

    • Ronald Ryan

      ah what do you people know im all for it if Lawler wants to wrestle again let him if he ends up getting hurt or worst oh well he did it at what he loved the most and that’s entertaining for his age he can still go he went toe to toe with punk in a cage match and he nearly defeated the miz for the wwe championship he will give it when he wants too or cannot do it anymore. So if the man wants to prove he still got it then more power to him
      will I get slack for this yes I will but what do I care about what a bunch of pillow biters have to say

  • Ralph Ramos

    Jerry Lawler is simply calling it like it is. I don’t have a problem with that. And because Ziggler caused him harm, that’s exactly why he should not ever wrestle again. Lawler is obviously way to old to be a wrestler, and he can no longer handle the physical poundings an wrestler has to endure. But if that’s what he wants, its his call.

    • allan

      He didn’t call it as it is he just blamed ziggler I mean this guys trying to kill me?? Really the doctor said it could have been the reason but Lawler eats like crap

  • scott

    He shouldn’t have been in the ring in the first place. His wrestling days were over long ago … stick to … ahem “commentating” Jerry.

  • Mr. Baker

    That’s where you guys are getting it wrong..Jerry is already in , so He’s not ” too old ” to be a wrestler…He’s just too old to be in matches…but then again so is Terry Funk and he’s still better than 90% of the roster today…King just stated what was told to him, he’s not on a ” This is Dolph’s Fault ” tour…It was just a plausible factor that “COULD’VE” happened, something that was stated in both this article and on the podcast…I mean geez He put Ziggler over during the interview…Any one of us could take 10 of the same elbows and suffered an arrhythmia, either tachycardia ( too fast ) or bradycardia ( too slow )…

    • allan

      Dude bottomline is you don’t b**** in wrestling and you don’t blame others and you saying terry funk and 65 year old plus guy who can barely move is better then 90 percent of the roster is a joke and completely destroys any credibility you once had.

      • fmdof

        words taking right out of my mouth

      • Mr. Baker

        I don’t need “credibility” I merely stated that for the reason that Funk has been in matches 20 years past his prime and those alone are STILL better than 90% of the product WWE puts out today…take it how you want it..Its not like they don’t keep pushing the SAME where am I wrong?? For that matter Orton is a b**** also for getting Kennedy fired…that incident DEFINES your argument…..Which is even funnier because Orton has a degenerative shoulder problem so he’s a walking injury , yet he complained about a backdrop…C’mon..Jerry just said “It COULD’VE BEEN A FACTOR ” something that was told to him by a doctor…And I highly doubt he hold any ill will towards Ziggler especially after having heart attack and wanting to get back into the ring, something he’s choosing to do. Tell me where he says, ” IT WAS ALL DOLPH’S FAULT “…Don’t just read the context of the article and draw conclusions…listen to the podcast in its entirety …Allan , you’re the LAST person on this site that should attack someone over their opinion….be objective without being biased….

  • Louisa Baton

    I understand Jerry’s motive though I don’t agree with it. Yeah dolphin could have been responsible but Jerry please retire from in ring.

  • action

    There comes an age when its time to quit, pro wrestling although its not a competive sport, its an athletic performance that is a young man’s activity and Jerry Lawler’s time has come and gone. The man should be grateful for the long great career he has had and the cushion secure job as commentator every Monday night and monthly pay per view sundays. He was never in very good shape as a wrestler and he’s always worked a slow pace and with the way guys like Ziggler move a lot faster it puts him at risk of getting blown up and having another heart attack and if that happens, the wwe will receive endless harassment from the media and gain an even worse reputation especially if Lawler isn’t so lucky to survive it the next time, not too much potential lawsuits from his family.

  • Dave Humphrey

    Probblay best not to because if it was to happen again he may not be so lucky next time it could be fatal think its best stick to what he does best but not the great because the best announcer ever on wwe was Good Old JR