Jerry “The King” Lawler Discusses His Wrestling Future


Jerry “The King” Lawler spoke with about plans to return to wrestling a full-time basis following his heart-attack.

“I don’t wrestle on a full-time schedule anymore, but I still enjoy getting back in there. It’s exercise and it’s fun. I’ve enjoyed doing this my entire career. If I can do it once or twice a week, it’s cool for me. It’s just getting back on the horse again. I don’t worry about it. I don’t sit around and wonder if it’s going to be the same thing that‘s going to happen to me again. I don’t think anything different about it.”

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  1. You better stay off the damn ring and just continue your dead-boring commentating until they decided to fired/retire you. Or else you gonna blame someone else again if you get hurt and almost die!! Just like how you blame dolph for your heartattack idiot!


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