Jey Uso: ‘John Cena Helped Us With Our Interviews’

In an interview with The Intellgencer, Jey Uso revealed that John Cena helped Jey and his brother Jimmy with their backstage interviews. Here are highlights:

On how John Cena helped them: “He’s a really cool guy, he has the same personality as us. We’ve been doing a lot more backstage (interviews) with him and he’s been a big help. He told us to go out and be ourselves and let the people know who we are. We’ve always been able to talk, and our personalities are a huge part of what we are. We’re really happy that we’re now getting more time to talk.”

On their time with Rikishi growing up: “It was great to have him home. When he was home, we tried not to wake him because he was tired. But when he woke up, we knew we were going to the Chinese buffet. We closed that place down every time we went.”

On his own life as a father: “It’s hard, especially for my older son because he understands I’m leaving. But when I get time home, it’s great. I’ll sleep, then we’ll go out for sushi, then see a movie. I’m not gonna lie, I’ll fall asleep during the movie, but we have a great time. When I was about a year into wrestling, I called my dad and told him I loved him and I couldn’t believe he did it for 15 years. But you have to find a balance. You have a great family and a great job.”

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