Jim Cornette On Why Chyna Doesn’t Belong in the WWE Hall of Fame, Date of 2018 Impact Lockdown PPV Revealed


The above video is the latest edition of “The Jim Cornette Experience”, hosted by Jim Cornette. The video includes Cornette’s thoughts on why the late Joanie “Chyna” Laurer does not belong in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Classic Corny action through the Christmas season. This was recorded while Chyna was still alive and I’ve got rid of as much Alice as I could. Jim discusses Vince Russo’s politicking for Chyna to be in the WWE Hall of Fame compared to Corny wishing Ray Stevens to be given the induction nod.

Keep it with Jim Cornette’s Talking Sense for the very best shoot interview clips, old and new, from the Experience and Drive-Thru. All clips are used with permission from Jim Cornette and Brian Last.

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Date of 2018 Impact Wrestling Lockdown PPV Revealed

As we noted yesterday, Impact Wrestling has plans to return to PPV next year, and the first PPV of 2018 is currently scheduled to be Lockdown.

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PWInsider.com is now confirming Lockdown will take place on April 22nd. The location for the all-steel cage match themed event has yet to be revealed.