Jim Cornette Comments on All Elite Wrestling


Pro wrestling legend Jim Cornette recently had some things to say about All Elite Wrestling, the new pro wrestling company founded by Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks.

The fact that Jim has an opinion is surely not a surprise to fans. But surprisingly enough, Cornette did not dismiss AEW In fact, he’s actually had very few negative comments regarding the company so far. But Jim has made some observations about the venture on his podcast, The Jim Cornette Experience.

“I’m not seeing yet-and this is nothing bad about Cody or The Bucks or anybody else involved-except for Chris Daniels, who I just saw had signed, experience booking and more or less, just experience and especially the technical side of producing wrestling television. Cuz as we’ve known before, sometimes it just doesn’t work when you mix different businesses with the wrestling business. There needs to be some experience there that can bridge both sides.”

Jim also talked about AEW’s biggest signing to this point, Chris Jericho. Y2J officially became part of the company’s main roster during AEW’s rally in Jacksonville on January 8.

“Chris Jericho in my mind, is a great addition in terms of star power and more importantly, possibly behind the scenes experience, depending on how much input he’s going to have with things.”

Not only has Cornette’s feelings toward AEW not been wholly negative, but he does seem to be offering some constructive criticism. Jim is one of the most established legends in the industry and he does have experience when it comes starting his own pro wrestling company.

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So maybe the former Smoky Mountain Wrestling owner could perhaps be a good fit for All Elite Wrestling? While it seems like a crazy notion, the fact is that anything is possible in the business. The same is true of AEW, which likely has many surprises left as time goes on.