Jim Ross: ‘Adam Rose Isn’t A Bad Person!’, Reacts To Brooklyn Brawler’s Release

Jim Ross, in a recent blog entry at JRSBARBQ.com, addressed WWE’s firing of Steve Lombardi aka the Brooklyn Brawler, and also the arrest of Adam Rose. Below are some highlights.

On WWE’s release of Brooklyn Brawler: “Surprised to hear of Steve Lombardi aka The Brooklyn Brawler and WWE no longer doing business together after a 30+ year professional relationship. Brawler was always great to work with while I was in WWE and I hope that he lands on his feet at the tender, young age of 55. Steve has likely got a helluva WWE related book in him if he choose to write one as he was in the company through it all. When I contacted Brawler he was in good spirits and he was positive which was refreshing.”

Ross on Adam Rose’s arrest: “Ray Leppan is not a bad person but he’s seemingly in a bad place that merits our positive thoughts. Ray has a special needs son which in itself should encourage wise decision by the head of the household but that hasn’t been the case recently. My sincere wish is for the Leppan family to learn from this situation, move on positively and to galvanize with one another. This isn’t about one’s pro wrestling career but instead it’s about the head of the household making good decisions and caring for his family.”

Ross on Big Cass’ push: “Good to see Big Cass’ build continue. If 50/50, even Steven like booking doesn’t creep into Cass’s build, then I think that Cass has a good chance to turn heads which would be because the 7 footer was able to get on the elusive roll that he needs.”

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