Jim Ross Admits He Wouldn’t Have Done The Chair Shot At Fyter Fest


AEW commentator, Jim Ross recently spoke to Busted Open Radio about the recent chair shot to Cody Rhodes, which was unprotected to the head.

JR made his feelings about the chair shot crystal clear during the interview, admitting that he wouldn’t have done it and that he thinks the use of chairs themselves is outdated.

“I think the chairs have run their course to be honest with you,” Ross said. “The chair shot back in the day, the chairs were there as usable objects because we are sitting on them. The ringside fans and the studio audience were sitting on them. Those steel chairs and folding chairs were everywhere because they were handy, easy to stack, cheap, easy & inexpensive staging. Now, then nobody sits on a steel metal folding chair. They’re all locked up on ringside. Usually nicer chairs. And the announcers don’t sit on folding chairs. Maybe the timekeeper does, I don’t know. It’s a work that it’s such an expose. Another thing, the boys know, if they’re gonna use the chair they gotta assume the doggy-style position. They’re on all fours waiting to get hit in the back. And I can’t recall ever in the last many years that a chair shot to the back has beaten a single soul.

“So, why are we doing it? I’m not b—hing about our creative. It was edgy. It was out there. In hindsight I wouldn’t have done it. But it happened and we [the announcers]called it the best we could. But I think the chairs are kinda like the authority figures – I think they’ve kinda run their course. Unless somebody can figure out a way to make them more innovative and current, I’d say lets ‘table that stuff’. No pun intended Bubba. Let’s get rid of those chairs for a while.”

H/T to WrestlingInc.com for the transcriptions.