Jim Ross Believes AEW Should Sign Rusev: “He Would Be My Priority”


During the latest Grilling JR podcast, AEW commentator, Jim Ross spoke about how he thinks Rusev should be a top priority for AEW.

WWE, unfortunately, released over 20 Superstars last week, with Rusev being one of the biggest names on the list. Of course, there are already rumors of different companies being interested in various names on the list, and AEW has been amongst them.

One name that Jim Ross hopes the company will sign is Rusev, who he believes has huge potential to be a top star.

“I think that Rusev is the kind of guy that you can bring in and he’d be a great contender for any title,” JR said. “Would I like to see a Moxley/Rusev match? Of course, I would. I’m a wrestling fan, why wouldn’t I? To me, he would be my priority.”

“I find him to be a soft-hearted, well-raised guy. Meaning he’s polite and he’s a decent human being. Rusev would be my priority. That’s who I’d want to go after first because I can see him having some major pay-per-view main event matches with a variety of top talents in our company AEW. Anyone would be smart to hire him… I’d like to call his matches on that high level. You know what you’re gonna get out of the guy. He’s got something to prove now… I’m real high on Rusev, I always thought he was a player, no doubt.” (H/T to Cultaholic.com for the transcriptions)

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