Jim Ross Believes Dean Ambrose Will Be A Major Player


During his latest podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer, Jim Ross gave some major praise to Dean Ambrose, discussing the future of The Shield member.

Dean Ambrose is currently expected to be leaving WWE when his contract expires in April, which has been very openly addressed by the company on TV.

Whether Ambrose actually leaves, or if it is a storyline remains to be seen, but whatever happens, JR has been impressed by his work and believes wherever he goes, Ambrose will be a major player:

“He’s had great work since he said he was leaving,” adds Ross. “His work has been exemplary. He hasn’t called anything in, he has had great matches, great effort.”

“Wherever he’s going, somebody’s getting a player.”

Of course, JR himself recently announced he is finishing up with WWE when his contract expires, and the legendary commentator has been strongly linked with working with AEW in some capacity.

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H/T to SEScoops.com for the transcriptions.