Jim Ross Blog: Brisco Scouting Talents, Ross Report Podcast & More


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has published a new blog entry on JrsBarBq.com. Here are some highlights:

Jerry Brisco scouting talents: Saw some real studs at the Nationals in OKC the past few days. Jerry Brisco has seen many of these athletes multiple times this season and has a strong group considering WWE as a career choice. When a scholarship athlete makes it to the Nationals one doesn’t have to worry about their athleticism so it’s their personality that becomes the focus. Plus, it always helps if they are a fan to some degree of the pro wrestling genre. Thanks to Jerry’s efforts over the years, the amateur wrestling community looks at a company such as WWE in a new, positive light. In the old days, there was a divide between the amateur’s and the pro’s.

If just half the kids that have been recruited sign, WWE will have a gifted group of big personality athletes with which to work with in their Performance Center.

Ross Report Podcast with Mick Foley: Getting great feedback on my interview with Mick Foley this week on the Ross Report Podcast. Mick and I had a great deal of fun and had a conversation between two friends and did not do a ‘performance’ where the guest went solo for long periods of time. For those that think that I interrupted Mick too much, I apologize, but my interview style is to be interactive and to ask questions and/or to simply interject what I’m thinking.

That’s not changing. I’m going to engage every guest and present them with as many topics to discuss as I can not to mention going ‘off road’ if the topics warrant such. It’s not much different than if two friends were on a car trip or sitting next to each other on bar stools.

Some listeners seem to be especially entertained apparently by my definition of ‘slow burn’ booking and a few examples of what is ‘slow burn.’

Lita appearing on The Ross Report: This week on the Ross Report I’ve got Lita in a GREAT interview dropping Tuesday pm. @AmyDumas is one of my all time favorite people that we signed during my time in WWE. She sat in my office in a business suit, the only one she owned, looking for work back in the day and went on to build a Hall of Fame level career. The Ross Report can be downloaded for free at podcastone.com and iTunes.

Jake Roberts appearing on The Ross Report: This week on the Ross Report Podcast I’m visiting with Jake Roberts for a feature that will air after WM30 where Jake will deservedly go into the WWE Hall of Fame. Again, Lita airs this Tuesday pm while Mick Foley is up now.

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