Jim Ross Blog: Contract Signing on Raw, Del Rio’s Momentum, HBK & More


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has published a new blog entry on JrsBarBq.com. Here are some highlights.

Alberto Del Rio needing momentum: World Champ Del Rio needs as much momentum as he can get before facing the returning, face of WWE John Cena for the World Title. Cena’s absence hasn’t been that long and I wouldn’t see him live on TV until the PPV. ADR needs all help he can get ASAP to be able for Cena to be perceived in some level of jeopardy. Heroes who are not in jeopardy or in danger of losing don’t move the needle. Cena’s surgically repaired arm should be a talking point for the announcers and for ADR. (Perhaps a cross arm breaker fit for a King??)

Contract signing: The contract signing between Orton and Bryan should not be over thought. It’s the blue light special. An angle alert. Fans expect fireworks and they should be provided such. Another question is fan support of Bryan to begin to wane in his role of the undersized, overachieving underdog? Fans of heroes have to maintain ‘hope’ that their guy can get it done in a fair fight. It’s simple, human nature/psychology.

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Shawn Michaels’ presence: If Shawn Michaels is on RAW tonight then he should be better utilized than last week. A HHH-HBK confrontation in virtually any form would be good TV and it all ties into the Bryan-Orton HIAC match for the WWE Title.

Punk & Heyman: What’s left to do that is compelling in the Heyman-Punk saga? I love their work but really need to see something compelling and memorable tonight. Knowing those two, we will get it.

Bound for Glory: Someone on Twitter said that I wouldn’t admit it if I watched the TNA PPV Sunday night. Wrong, Einstein. However, I did not watch their show as I was watching the Manning vs. Irsay Bowl on NBC plus my regular Sunday night fare including HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and Eastbound and Down.

However, if any company changes five titles in one show, which one is supposed to standout to the average fan? Apparently that’s what occurred. Sounds like TNA hit the “reset” button on the whole shooting match. No dog in the hunt except for my many friends who work there and I’m pulling for them and their families.

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