Jim Ross Blog: Punk vs. Lesnar, Weekly Broadcasting Return, TNA and More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross published a new blog entry on JrsBarBq.com. Here are some highlights.

WWE tapings this week: HUGE week of TV production for the WWE team beginning Monday and concluding Thursday evening in Texas. Unless one has actually been immersed in a week such as this there is no way one can accurately describe the intensity and pressure on so many to produce so much.

It’s akin to a NBA team playing back to back to back to back ROAD GAMES. Some of the talents get to tag out after two days to begin a ball busting travel schedule while others will be engaged all four days. The TV production folks and the other WWE personnel will be working LONG hours over four days while driving the Texas loop. I wish all safe travels and the best of luck producing a Texas sized load of television all leading into what is shaping up to be an intriguing Summer Slam.

WWE title match at SummerSlam: Thinking that @JohnCena vs. @WWEDanielBryan at Summer Slam could resemble a Cena vs. @ShawnMichaels or @Real KurtAngle match vs. anything that we’ve seen from the WWE Champion in recent years. Bryan’s pace and skill set will sternly challenge Cena on a night where we could readily see the @WWE Title changing hands in Los Angeles. Bryan’s speed would seem to be problematic for Cena….or anyone.

Returning to weekly broadcasting: No…I never expect to go back on the road on a weekly basis to broadcast WWE television. I’d love to return for the occasional cameo if WWE needed my services at the announce table.

If he watches TNA: Yes…I watch TNA periodically as I have many friends who work there and, no, I don’t have any ‘solutions’ to their alleged woes that I care to share. I do hope TNA all the success in the world.

Possibilities of a WWE/TNA Partnership: No…there will NEVER be a WWE/TNA partnership unless WWE owned TNA and that’s highly unlikely to ever occur. Please don’t start that rumor but some brain surgeons will. WWE has zero to gain in said ‘partnership.’

CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam: Thinking that the pending @CMPunk vs. @BrockLesnar match at Summer Slam will be really good. Very Physical. Straight forward. Both men have healthy egos which is an essential part of being a major star in any endeavor especially in sports and entertainment. ‘Controlled’ egos are often hidden within the term ‘self confidence.’ Nonetheless, it will be intriguing to see Punk’s strategy to counter Lesnar’s obvious size and strength advantage plus Brock’s athletic skill set. One can’t win on heart alone or compel PPV buyers to invest simply on the”I won’t quit” sort of attitude. That obviously helps but fans need to know that the underdog (Punk) has a ‘plan’ and a legit chance to ‘overcome.’ All that aside, both Lesnar and Punk will want to steal the show at Summer Slam in a big time way and @HeymanHustle will foster that mindset. There are many, unique elements at play in this main event level bout.

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  • Idolizer

    Gimme a break… anyone asking about a WWE/TNA partnership or WWE buying out TNA is absurd. Anyone that thinks that the pebble TNA could possibly add something of worth to the colossal WWE is out of their minds. Truly, WWE is the only game around. Anything else is miniscule at best. Retards…

    • captainbuck

      Absolutely, their library is tiny too. They had some AMAZING PRODUCT before HOGAN and Bischoff/Hervey productions came in. They MIGHT get back to that, then maybe they can grow again. Can’t grow if all your capitol influx is being spent on contracts.

    • allanmccann

      to you mabye. but tna is loaded with talent that wwe would kill to get there hands on so i dont see how wwe buying out tna is much diffrent then buying out ecw

      • Jesus Condom

        Because TNA is not as popular
        as WCW and ECW was before
        Vince bought them.
        TNA is not even close to WWE.
        WWE?s C and D show (Main Event and
        Saturday Morning Slam) gets the
        same kind of ratings as TNA.
        That is a f*ucking joke.
        WWE don?t need any talent from TNA.
        TNA is the ones who would kill to get any
        WWE talent and they sure do show it often
        with all these former WWE guys in TNA.

        • Idolizer

          Yeah, they’re right on their asses as soon as a WWE contract is expired… sometimes even beforehand. Come on now… TNA is desperate.

  • allanmccann

    true wwe would have to fund the event but tnas performers could help wwe make alot of money with a ppv featuring sting vs taker cena vs styles etc.

    • Jesus Condom

      Cena vs Styles.. lol.
      Nobody besides TNA fans knows he is.
      That match would not draw a single cent.
      The only match TNA really could offer WWE
      where money would be made is the Taker vs Sting
      match and that match would only happen at Wrestlemania.
      And trust me on this one.. Vince McMahon
      would not allow TNA in any form to be a part
      of Wrestlemania. Period.

  • allanmccann

    and cena beating bryan make no sense because theres no where to go with it.. what cena taps out or beats another amazing wrestler..hes been going over everyone for a decade and has won the title so much that his reigns are pointless. daniel bryan being so popular right now is a perfect time for him to go over even a guy like cena