Jim Ross Blog: Tonight’s Raw Episode & CM Punk’s WWE Status

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has published a new blog entry on JrsBarBq.com. Here are some highlights.

Tonight’s Raw: WWE really needs to hit a home run on RAW this week to build some much needed momentum for the Elimination Chamber. During a three hour RAW broadcast there is SO much info disseminated that it’s challenging for any viewer of the three hour broadcast to leave the show at signoff and remember every thing that has been thrown at them. 15 commercial breaks doesn’t help matters but that’s simply the way it is and is not WWE’s fault.

One suggestion would be to provide their info/news while doing their announcer on cameras (King would love that) and with more through use of graphics. If one ‘sees’ the info while ‘hearing’ the same it is more likely to be remembered. To over sell during a match can create a disconnect.

Certainly the point has been made in recent weeks that Orton, WWE World Heavyweight Champion is beatable and Mr. RKO surviving the Elimination Chamber is unlikely.

CM Punk update: Many have asked but I’m unaware of any new, @CMPunk news. I’m still hopeful that a mutually agreed upon resolution can be worked out sooner than later. I’d love to see Punk steal the show at WM30 and then chill for as long as it takes to get him back on WWE TV in a win-win scenario. If Punk wanted to take off until WM31, simply plan for it. The guy is too talented, has had a tremendous amount of TV time, etc invested in him and the roster is too thin to not see Punk back at some point.

I know if I ever do a show in Chicago I’d LOVE for CM Punk to be my special guest/MC and grill me with questions. Maybe we could take in a Cubs game and eat at Lisa Varon’s Squared Circle eatery while in the Windy City.

As I’ve said Punk is a favorite of mine and I’d have loved to see him back in the day as one of Cowboy Bill Watts bookers.

Still of the mindset that the upcoming RAW in Chicago should be a fun show to watch for viewers as the rowdy, live audience generally always enhances a broadcast and more often than not in a positive way. It’s merely a matter of being able to call audibles and being honest with the viewers.

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  • Filmlover75

    If Punk isn’t there for the Chicago show, they are screwed. All promos will have to be cut at super-speed to try and cut off the audience from hijacking the show which is precisely what will happen. The only thing that might save their asses would be if Daniel Bryant was inserted into the title match at WM that night.