Jim Ross Blog: Triple H & Curtis Axel, D-Bryan’s Performance, Cena Surviving Ryback

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has published a new blog entry on JrsBarBq.com. Here are some highlights.

Triple H & Curtis Axel follow up: Curious to see what the follow up is regarding HHH and Curtis Axel as young Axel and his representative Paul Heyman have already, figuratively, notched their guns listing HHH as a victim. Winning via the form that occurred is technically a victory but pinning someone or making them submit provides a deeper notch in one’s ‘gun.’

With that said, I’m still a firm believer that Axel can and will become a main event player in WWE. The son of Mr. Perfect is not nearly as good as he is going to be and with Heyman in the third generation star’s ear bigger paydays lie ahead. It’s not going to happen over night which will automatically turn some fans off. Duh.

John Cena & Ryback: Many fans think that John Cena is not long for the WWE Title and that Ryback is too strong, too hungry and too relentless to lose two falls to Cena at Payback in Chicago on PPV coming up soon. If Cena survives Chicago, I will be mildly shocked. I could definitely see Ryback rolling into Summer Slam as the WWE Champion.

Daniel Bryan’s performance: No one had a better, more impactful overall performance last week on RAW, for my money, than Daniel Bryan who I feel is the best technical wrestler on the WWE roster right now. I’m obviously a big Daniel Bryan fan and the more I see of him on RAW the better that I like it. He’s living proof that if one is highly skilled and professional in and out of the ring that an apparent lack of size isn’t always a deterrent.

If I had five draft picks in today’s marketplace to take to start a wrestling territory, Daniel Bryan would be one of them. For the record. the last that that I want to be is a wrestling promoter followed closely by a storm chaser.

Summer Sae Looking WAY SEXY in a Tight Blue Dress… WOW!!!!